Nothing in this world beats working with an ambitious startup, especially one that wants to shake up an industry, which is exactly what Mahara planned to do. Sure, on paper, they're just another women's sportswear brand. But, in reality, they're different. Their mantra is different. Their reason for being is different. They want to be the brave new face for the bravest women out there.


Our job: to find the words and create the branding that would celebrate this.  

And that is exactly what we did.

We told the story of this amazing brand, and we told the stories of their ambassadors too. 

"As a new sportswear brand with a lot of depth to our meaning, we were desperately for a way to put our thoughts on to the page and express who we are and what we want to achieve. Discussing mental health is a tough topic for many people, and some of the adversities our ambassadors have faced aren't pretty. This is why Will was the perfect match. Not only did he dig deep into our brand and our reason for being, he got the tone of voice perfect; he nailed the personality. Will managed to talk about these tough topics in such a way that it wasn't a sob story, it was a celebration. We knew exactly what we wanted: we needed depth, creativity, a pinch of grit and someone to translate this onto paper. Will did all these things. He delivered pieces we are very proud of, so much so we've displayed them all over our website. Essentially, Will has enabled us to spread a very important message. 

Josh Patterson,

the handsome founder of Mahara