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Creative copywriter astronaut william hunter howell

William Hunter Howell,

Copywriter & Astronaut

Oxford [cough] Brookes University

History & Politics

Class of 2011

I learned two things here: politics sucks and writing doesn't. I set out to become the latter. 

Mistletoe Salesman


2011 - 2011

After moving to London I realised I needed money, so I sold some mistletoe. I lived in a very Jewish area. This made it hard. That's when I learned the power of good storytelling. It rocked my world.

Arty Film-Type Person

Location Scout

2011 - 2012

I somehow landed a job as a location scout. By complete luck I managed to dilly-dally on some award-winning movies. It was crazy. It was also testament to my unrivalled ability to fake it until you make it. Turns out is also a useful skill when crafting copy. (Click the IMDb logo to see just how much I lucked out.)

Senior Marketing Executive

Intandem Media Group

2012 - 2015

I became a film marketer. Yup. I took my love of words and my love of films, put them together and encouraged them to have a baby. Weirdly, the best thing about this job was my boss. Robert Mitchell. He is a genius, BAFTA-winner and all-round good egg, and I got to learn from him. I love you, Rob.


Books and novels and stuff

2014 - 2016

After metaphorically making a baby, my girlfriend and I made an actual baby, freaked out and fled London. That's when I wrote a book. Stephen Fry liked it. So did enough others to make it a Number 1 best-seller on Amazon. It was amazing. This is my book-life website


Freelance, baby

2016 - Present

So here we are, the present day, and, after much deliberation, I decided to use my words for good instead of evil. I'm a martyr like that. I shan't toot my flute too much but, to summarise, I've been whittling copy for some pretty big brands, even bigger blogs, amazing agencies like FatJoe. and basically pulling together creative campaigns that I will cherish forever. Hopefully I can add yours to that list. (See what I did there. It's called a soft sell).

Notable Achievements

A bit of bragging, that's all.

  • Graduate of the world famous Curtis Brown Creative

  • Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2006 

Actual photo of me working as an astronaut

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