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This is the reason we love what we do. Food is an art form, it's an expression, it's painting on a canvas that always changes with paints that are never the same; it's an assault on the senses; it's creating a tonic for tired eyes, smells that make you smile and flavours that make people's taste buds trip the light fantastic. And putting all that into words was a puzzle we couldn't get enough of. Those that cook do so for the love of it, and those that love food would travel the world just to taste something magical. So that's how we looked at it. If food should be fun, then so should the branding. And that was our ambition. From the logo to the website, the copy to the everything, we did it all, and we are so proud of the result.
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"I love what I do. I love it more than anything else, and Will managed to capture this passion in everything he did - the website, the logo, the imagery, the words and tone and panache. He made a website that assaults your senses. He said, "If food should be fun, then so should the branding."

Katie Harrington,

the effervescent owner of Katering

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