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Daniel Craig,

A Spy Everyone Recognises

Dom Desmond,

Critically Endangered Socks


Daco Construction

Fairfax & Favor

George Clooney

Some Part-Time Actor

I hired Will to write the emails that woo'd my wife. Is that how you spell woo'd? Ah, whatever, that's what I have Will for. The point is: it was Will's idea to court Amal in the voice of my dog. Genius. 

Josh Pattrson

Shawn White

Does Stuff On Boards

Without Will and the Copper Milk Team, I wouldn't have won my X Games medals, my Olympic golds, be the first person to land back to back double corks or three-peat the SuperPipe. I owe Will everything. 

Josh Pattrson

Meghan Markle

A Princess-slash-Duchess

Despite reports it was Givenchy, I am happy to announce I was actually wearing a Copper Milk Creative Gown, while my hair and makeup was the creation of Will. 

Josh Pattrson

Will f**king rocks. 

Katering by Katie

Martin Luther  King Jr

Minister. Activist. Legend.

Will wrote me a speech entitled, "I Have A Dream" - the feedback has been pretty good. 

Josh Pattrson

Will is so good with words, he convinced me to reprise the role of Bond. It had nothing to do with $175 million offer, or Barbara Broccoli. It was all Will. And now I'm filthy rich because of him. 


Not A Normal Superhero

Daniel Craig

Undercover Spy Everyone Recognises


Fairfax & Favor

Marcus & Felix

Fairfax & Favor

Will's copywriting changed the game for us in every possible way. Our product descriptions, our About Us page, his branding ideas, the blog, his writing, everything. We don’t know what we did without him.

Josh Pattrson

Tavie Morton

Mangata London

Will brought my brand to life, gave it soul and enthusiasm, and I can’t help but smile when I read his writing. He writes with pizazz and has given my brand the energy and tone of voice I dreamed of.

Josh Pattrson

Josh Patterson

TV Personality

Will was the perfect match. Not only did he dig deep into our brand and our reason for being, he got the tone of voice perfect; he nailed the personality. He delivered pieces we are very proud of, so much so we've displayed them all over our website.

Josh Pattrson

Will is tenacious, creative and incredibly funny. He adds charm and personality effortlessly into every piece of copy he writes from emails to press releases. On top of that he’s an absolute joy to work with. I couldn’t rate him higher.


Ben Watkiss

Stubble & Co

Will tempted us into working with him by offering free sweets…. Never take sweets from strangers they say - well we’re mighty pleased we did! He’s been epic at crafting not only our blogs, but also writing consistently engaging content for emails, the site and social too. You won’t find a more exciting, passionate & loyal service out there.

Josh Pattrson

The guys at Copper Milk didn't just build us a website; they created a brand, gave us a logo, found us thousands of Facebook followers in less than a fortnight and nailed our Google presence. We build houses, they build brands. 

Dom Desmond

Critically Endangered Socks


Daco Construction

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