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You know things are going well when you're about to make a pitch or presentation. But you also know that a lot of time, money, blood sweat and tears has gone into getting to 'the pitch' stage -- and you don't want to mess it up now with some cookie-cutter Powerpoint presentation you found on Google Images. You don't want to walk into a room full of game-changing people armed with a slide show full of roll-your-eye cliches and death-by-buzzword buzzwords. This is your chance to take your business to the next level, and your pitch-slash-presentation is what's going to get you there. If you use us, that is. 


The world is a loud place and the people on it are busy. Why are we telling you this? Because -- now more than ever -- you need your branding to stand up, wave a glow-stick and then walk the walk and talk the talk. Your brand name, your product names, your tagline and tone of voice, your look and feel, your palette and mission. It's how people see you at first glance, how they think of you when on your Instagram and what makes you different from everyone else. Good branding is everything. It's the foundation of all your marketing. That's why you need people who know how to wow, people who know what they are doing, not your neighbour's dentist's dog-walker's nephew who once drew his school logo on his Sixth Form leaving shirt. Basically, if you need branding, logos, websites, graphics, infographics, brochures, magazines or anything else like that -  YOU NEED US.


That's right -- people, brands and badass businesses pay us to put our attention-grabbing, fearless and personality-filled words down on paper for them. Why? Well, we like to think it's because we're a bunch of people-watchers and thus have an awesome understanding of human nature, but it's probably just because we're weird and brave - which really helps. Ad campaigns, marketing concepts, web content, about us pages, forget-me-not brochures, how-to guides, product descriptions, storytelling, break-up texts, Valentine's Day cards, emails, blogs - basically, anything that requires words, for people and brands that want their words to scream, shout, stand out and live long happy lives. It's what we're EPIC AF at. 



Let's get one thing straight -- we don't just make any old websites because someone wants us to make any old website. That's not why we sacrificed a cushy corporate life to slog it out as a mob of creatives. Ergo, we only make websites that wow. Websites that dazzle and dance like a NYE fireworks finale. Websites that will make your brand stand out from the rest, like David Bowie sauntering through a field of Monday-morning accountants. Why? Because websites take time. They're a labour of love. They are your brand's first impression. Your voice, feel, vibe and style - and, well, we want to enjoy every moment of bringing that to life. We want to design websites that will forever fizz in people's minds.​ It's what prompted our one and only rule: We Don't Do Boring! Just take a look at our web design portfolio if you don't believe us.



Give someone a David Bowie record and you'll help them dance for a night. But teach someone how to sing with flair, move with swag and reinvent themselves a thousand times in their career and... well... you get the point... they'll dance forever. That's why we offer creative branding workshops and a creative consultancy service. No matter where you are with your idea - whether it's just a spark fizzing across your brain like the first firework on NYE or you've got a fully established brand making loads of money - we can help you with all your branding questions, queries, thoughts and mysteries. After all, everyone deserves to enjoy the Copper Milk Creative way of life. 



Content is King, and behind him is a Queen called consistency, and behind them is us, a bunch of awesome word-wizards who knows there's no content like written content -- BLOGS & INFOGRAPHICS ARE FRICKIN' EPIC. And yet most blogs suck. They're written by non-writers and for search engine robots, which is a sucky move, man. Why? Because us human beans don't read like robots. We read with emotion and experience, bias and slants, reason and rhyme. We read to learn and laugh and say, "that's exactly how I feel." We read to find out more about a brand, it's values, missions, POVs, expertise and thoughts on the world. That's what makes us word-wizards. We sprinkle all the SEO and UX magic we need to make Google notice (and love) your content, but we write for your humans. We plan, design, create, write, brand and deliver your content to please the people (and the robots).



Ten years ago, there was no one putting up photos of their food and no one liking these photos. But not anymore. Now you put up a picture of your grub and it can be boosted, sponsored, scheduled, shared, seeded, followed, liked, loved, tweeted, retweeted, screenshotted and, well, become the victim of a hashtag fail. And it's not just food. It's everything. That's why your brand needs to have a social media presence and, more importantly, know how to dance through the minefield of what's hot and what's not. And then there's the accompanying headache that comes with being too close to something. Thankfully, we're here to take the social media stress off you. We're here to making your feed look, sound & feel mega-sexy.



If the letters PR put next to each other make you scratch your head, scrunch your face and think, "what the heck does PR actually bloody mean?" we've got you covered. We do everything from media relations to crisis communications, social media engagement to content creation, influencer engagement to press releases, copywriting to event management. See, your dear old Nan was right when she said 'you learn something new every day' - and today you've learned Copper Milk Creative is that one agency you want and need on your side. It'll be the best professional friendship you ever make (heeeuurrghh).

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