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Nothing in this world beats working with an ambitious startup, especially one that wants to save the world and look sexy doing it, which is precisely what Mangata plan to do. Yes, on paper they are just a brand making men's swimming trunks. However, the reality is somewhat different. "How so?" We hear you mutter with rolling eyes. Well, for one, they make said swimming trunks from the kind of recycled polyester and post-consumer plastics you've seen floating about the oceans in every other Facebook video. How's that for epic!


Our job: to bring this brand to life.

To put stars in their eyes. To make their words fizz with electricity. To show off their passion and personality.

And that is exactly what we did.

We told the story of this amazing brand, and we did it through blogs, newsletters, imagery and emails. We did it in every way that matters. 

"Will brought my brand to life, gave it soul and enthusiasm, and I can’t help but smile when I read his writing. He writes with pizazz and has given my brand the energy and tone of voice I dreamed of. The best thing is he is always full of ideas and genuinely passionate about his work."

Tavie Morton,

the save-the-world ambassador of Mangata

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