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13 Kickass Facts About Business Blogging

I'm going to kickstart this blog by plucking an unreasonably high figure out of the air for the sole purpose of making a point - 98.7% of business owners have heard they need an up to date blog if they have any hope of succeeding in the David & Goliath battle that is them versus the world. More importantly, of that 98.7%, about 92.1% of these business leaders hear the word 'blog' and immediately switch of for the simple fact they think the very concept of blogging has an exclusivity deal with thirteen-year-old beauty queens who decided from an early age they would rather offer makeup tutorials online than spend their life stuck in a real job.

The point I'm making here is, most entrepreneurs don't think blogs can do anything for their business, branding, marketing, exposure or bottom line.

Well, I am here to stand up as a completely biased individual that has a vested interest in you believing the opposite to tell you that you're wrong, and I am going to use a ton of independent sources as a counterbalance to back up my point. I'm also hear to give you some good news. You see, the fact 92.1% of businesses have yet to latch onto the glory that is blogging means that you can get ahead of the competition by carving out your position as the thought leader your industry is crying out for.

But that is enough of me trying to sell you because it is time for you to be influenced by facts, figures and a rather beautifully constructed infographic (if I do say so myself).

Benefits of blogging in business infographic | Gen Y Copy


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