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Your Badass Guide To Hopping Into The World Of Vlogging

Maybe you're looking to turn your blog into a business or you are finding the best mouthpiece for your thoughts. If you’ve spent a long time blogging, and you're looking for the next level, vlogging adds a face to the name. It can make your content seem more human. But while we all know that vlogging is an extremely competitive market, if we're looking to step up to the next level, what can we do to branch into it successfully?

Speak To Those On Your Level

It's who you know. If you're looking to branch out, especially if you want to get more subscribers, then you need to be getting the opinions of those that are on the same level as you. There is no point in going to a vlogger that has a million subscribers when you only have a couple of thousand. Find your contemporaries, and get some inspiration from them.

Authenticity To The Content

A lot of people go for the bells and whistles approach to getting more people. And when it comes to vlogging, the temptation to go for higher production values is always there. And while there are many video production companies that can add that extra shine to a vlog, you have to ask yourself, way before you start, if this is going to add to your authenticity. If you have people subscribing to your content because they like what you have to say, you need to stick to your guns and trust your instincts.

Maintain Consistency

Much like blogs, regular content in video form is vital. You need to ask yourself if you are able to keep up with video content, especially if it's something you're not used to doing. Vlogs are easy enough to make, especially if you are going for the lo-fi approach, but consistency is key to acquiring followers and subscribers, and if you don't have the time in which to do vlogs on a regular basis, then do you need to stick to your usual blog?

Getting Exposure

If we have learned anything from YouTube stars, it's that exposure is critical. These days, being a vlogger is arguably as popular as being a TV star. In this respect, if you want to get exposure, then you may have to treat it like the showbiz game. There are numerous talent agencies out there that represent social media stars. So if you have a goal, then you know what you have to do to get there. With these agencies, they look at your existing fanbase, and if you have enough to transcend to the next level.

But, at the very outset, if you are considering whether a vlog is for you, give it a go! Getting feedback from your existing subscribers could tip the balance in your favor. Once you get into the swing of things, making a vlog is arguably easier than a blog. And, if it fits you like a glove, and it proves to be successful, you will never look back!

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