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What Sort Of Copywriting Are You After?

Let's not dilly-dally, beat around the bush or do that really British thing of being too polite to talk straight; a great copywriter is the most important player in your team. There, we said it. Sure, we may be a teeny-tiny bit biased, but that doesn't mean it isn't true. Barack Obama said being the President came with more responsibility than most other jobs, and I'm pretty sure he didn't say that because he was the President; he said it because it was (and is) true.

Anyway, back to the whole great copywriter's are awesome thing.

Now we're going to write about this in more detail in the coming days/weeks because it is a topic that deserves to be unravelled like a roll of loo paper in a child's hands. But to give you some idea of what makes us the most crucial person you can ever hope to hire, we have pulled together a few reasons and broken them down into bitesize chunks. So:

  • We're more important than SEO Specialists because, since Google changed its algorithm, SEO has made quality content its top priority. That's what we do; quality content.

  • We're more crucial than Graphic Designers because no matter how amazing your website looks, if your copy doesn't engage with the reader or make them trust you enough then you are going to see all your potential customers become lost customers and possibly even brand critics. That's bad.

  • We're more important than Social Media experts because any effort you spend on this front you will be a bigger waste of time than these Brexit negotiations if all the channel traffic you achieve leads to content that is more unattractive than finding a big, throbbing pimple the day of your big date night.

  • We're more awesome than Specialist Bloggers because, well, we understand exactly how blogs work in terms of offering value, boosting trust, improving your SEO and all that jazz, while also being ninjas trained in the art of persuasion, branding, advertising and, yes, converting readers into customers. Wow, right.

Anyway, enough of all that truth-spewing and onto the all-important question at hand, "What sort of copywriter are you after?" Spoiler alert: we answered this with a poster. How exciting.

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