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You Talk In A Conversational Tone, So Why Not Write Like It

Writing content for your business is a huge task which will likely take a big chunk of creativity and a heck of a lot of work to do. When you sit down to write any piece of content for your business, whether it be a blog post or a social media post, the tone of voice that you choose to use is crucial if you want to engage your audience and get them to really read what you are saying.

A conversational tone is a great way to do this, because it allows you to really connect with your audience on on the most fundamental level of all. To write in this style and gain more engagement from your audience, these are some tips to follow.


When you sit down to write, you shouldn’t think that you are writing to a while audience of people, because this might need even be the case. To avoid your piece of writing feeling boring, you want to speak as if in conversation with one person which a company like Fresh Cut would do. If we started talking to you in the street, what would we say?

And write in their language, too.

We would speak to you as a person and try to explain out point of view in a way that you can understand and take home, and this is what you need to do.


Sometimes when we write, we end up trying too hard to sound smart. If you have ever seen the episode of Friends where Joey uses a thesaurus on every word, you will know why it is sometimes ok to stick to basics. Most people won’t know the jargon you are talking about, so it is much smarter for you to keep things simple and write like you would talk


Even though you aren’t having a physical conversation with the person who is reading your article, it doesn’t mean that you can’t respond and react throughout the article in ways that you think they will respond to you. If you say something which could be a little controversial for example, you can back this up by saying something like

‘This might be an unpopular opinion, but each to their own!’

You are realising that the reader might think of something as a little controversial and you are responding as if to reassure them or back up your theory.


The last, and most important thing of all, our friend, is that you must bring some personality into the post to make you feel more like a human being. For example, did you pay attention to the pop culture reference we added earlier in this article? By mentioning a show like Friends, we can demonstrate one of our likes and this helps the audience connect to us on a more personal level. Think big, think bold, and think you. There are no rules in writing, so make your own.

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