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3 Wicked-Simple Ways To Revamp Your Website

In the land of the internet, things move fast, and if your website design hasn’t been revisited in a couple of years, then chances are that it's rather old hat already. Trends in UX design move at lighting speed, and tomorrow’s new innovation quickly becomes the standard that customers expect. As your website is essentially your shop window to the world, neglecting the design or content can be disastrous. With the average attention span on the internet averaging under five seconds, if potential customers are put off, or cannot find what they need quickly, you’ll be taking a hit where it hurts the most - your bottom line (ouch).

Luckily, you don’t have to go for a full redesign to ring the changes. In fact, incremental improvements tend to work better - they don’t put off returning customers, and they also allow you to use analytics to monitor how they do and adapt to any feedback you gather. So with a few quick fixes, your website could have a whole new look. Here’s how..

Go For Layered Landing Pages

Layering isn’t just for autumn fashion you know - your website design can also benefit from this approach. Instead of channelling customers to the homepage by default, land them straight at the heart of compelling content that will inspire them to take action. Use categories to split pages and content in a way that is relevant to the most popular searches you see conducted on your site. Reflect the search wording back at the customer in the page titles, to create reassurance that they’ve come to the right place, and provide some rich content such as video reviews or a feed of previous customer feedback to keep them engaged. Make sure that you are also doing some active monitoring of trends in your industry and aim to stay ahead of the curve - if people are going to be searching for something specific, make sure that you have something relevant and exciting to direct them to.

Refresh Your Design

Sometimes, a simple tweak of your colour scheme or an evolution of your company logo is enough to present a fresh face to the world. You can even use a logo generator tool to give you ideas for something new, bold and modern. Get inspired with some best-in-class website design examples for 2018, and see what trends you can pick out to use for your website. Try to find a balance between keeping up to date and retaining your own unique brand identity - this can be tricky, so you may need a little help from a great design agency to pull it off successfully.

Update Your Assets

When taking a fresh look at your site, make sure to take account of all of the different page elements you want to draw customers too. The header image, any carousels and banners are an important part of the site identity and will need a constant programme of fresh content to keep drawing visitors in. Although there isn’t necessarily a correlation, customers will instantly read outdated graphics as hinting that the service may not be up to scratch either. Instigate regular reviews of product images and video and make sure that you have a plan for generating new ones all the time. Keep everything short, sweet and to the point, and you’ll find a much more positive response from your web visitors.

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