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You've Built Your Brand... Now What?

Building a brand is one of the most exciting parts of starting your business. Aside from registering, it’s the very first thing you’re going to be doing, and making sure that you get it right is so important. Whilst you can go for a full rebrand in years to come, the brand you actually create in the beginning is going to be the brand that carries you to success. So, we’re sure that you’ve read plenty of articles that will show you what’s needed to actually design a brand, but do you know what you need to be doing afterwards? Most people create a brand, launch their business, and forget that the steps following it are what will put your business on the map. So, if you’re twiddling your thumbs waiting for customers after building your brand, following these tips and see what you need to do.

Get Yourself Noticed

Getting yourself noticed is so important, otherwise your brand is just going to do nothing for you. Think of it as an Instagram post. The image that you take is the brand. It’s what you want people to see when they look at you. The post is the way of getting yourself noticed, and how you post your picture and when is so important. So, what’s the one way we know in business to get our companies noticed, and one that we can use different techniques to try and do it? It’s marketing. Marketing your brand is the first thing that you should try once you’re up and running. One of the ones you should definitely be trying, is SEO. It gets you noticed in Google, which then pushes you further up the rankings, which should then increase the traffic to your website. Check out Amazon SEO services if you’re looking for an idea of a company that you could use. Trying to do SEO in-house is going to be near enough impossible, unless you have someone in your team who knows what they’re doing. Social media marketing however, is something you can definitely manage in house, and is the perfect way that you can build up your brand image!

Maintaining Brand Image

Maintaining your brand image is all about sticking to what you built in the first place. You don’t want to be switching everything within the first few months, it’s all about growth with your initial idea. From sticking to the ethos that you created, to using your brand colours throughout your website, it’s all important in making sure that you maintain the image that you first created. How you interact with your customers is also going to play a big part in this. If your customer interaction is poor, the public's view of your brand image is going to drop dramatically.

Focusing On Customer Interaction

Following on from the last point, we want to elaborate on how your customer interaction can determine the image of your brand. When interacting with customers, no matter what the method, you always need to keep their best interests at heart. We’re sure that there are some companies you know of who you avoid like the plague due to the the reviews you’ve heard about them, and that’s exactly what will happen to your brand! So, focus on quality interactions, leaving your company with a stand up reputation!

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