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Why The Schnitzel Is My Brand Not Getting Noticed?

There is all manner of reasons why your brand is not getting the attention that you think it deserves. And rather than sitting back and doing nothing about it, you need to take action to make some improvements. Before you do this, you may be making one or more of the following common mistakes which are holding you back. If so, there is no time like the present to put them right again!

You Are Not Being Consistent Enough

Whenever a potential customer sees anything which comes directly from your business, they need to be certain that it is your company. Consistency can come in a number of different ways including logo, colour scheme, and even tone of voice. The best brands are the ones which have carefully considered each individual area and have taken a special effort to manage them all closely. Perhaps this link on corporate identity management could prove to be useful. Consistency should be at the forefront of your mind whenever anything from your brand enters the public sphere.

It Doesn’t Have a Personality

Along with a brand, a sense of personality should come with it. And this largely depends on what sort of company that you run. For example, if you run a solicitors firm, you probably want to give off a professional and competent impression. However, if you run a marketing firm, you may well want the personality to be more fun and innovative. The worst sin that you can commit is to give your brand no sense of personality whatsoever.

You Haven’t Created Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines go such a long way towards showing how it should be used, something which is useful not only to your staff members but to any other external organisations who are planning on using it. Guidelines should be easy to follow, but also comprehensive enough to explain the exact logo colour scheme, when it should be printed with a tagline, how your brand should be referred to etc. And rather than simply being a document which stays the same all the time, it needs to be readily updatable so that you can improve and enhance it as needed.

You Are Not Social Enough Online

In the modern world, businesses need to make the most of online communications. But if you only have a Facebook page which you update once every couple of weeks and a blog where the last post was about the Christmas party, this is simply not going to cut the mustard! Like any other aspect of your business, you should create a plan for your online communications, and also delegate responsibilities so that you know who is responsible for what.

Any one of these four reasons could be playing a role in why your brand is not getting noticed. And rather than waiting around hoping that they fix themselves, now is the time to do something about it!

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