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Only Badass Brands Rule The Online World

One of the mistakes small business owners make is that they don’t pay enough attention to their branding and their online and offline reputation. Just because you are running your business from your spare room, you are still offering value for your market, and you should make every effort to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by your potential clients.

Your Web Design

The first thing your potential clients will judge you by is your website. If you are a freelance web designer, you cannot afford to have flaws on your page or a logo that is not properly aligned. Unfortunately, most freelancers are too busy to pay attention to their own site or find the time, and this is why you might want to use a web design agency instead, so you can focus on the things that really matter; making money and creating a growth strategy.

Professional Logo

Apart from your site, you will also have to pay attention to your log. It needs to capture your visitors’ audience and make them remember your brand. No matter if you have no employees, you will still need to create a professional image that will help you build trust and credibility. Don’t just go for a free graphic design tool; freelancers today are affordable and happy to add your logo to their portfolio.

Brand Colors

It is important that your company or personal brand is easy to recognise, and you have an image that makes you stand out on social media and other posts. You should stick to the same two colours that are unique to your brand, so your customers and your leads will recognise your communication.

Social Media

Many small business owners, and startups use social media for marketing, branding, and engaging with their audience. It is crucial that you focus on your unique selling proposition when crafting your social media messages and talking to people on blogs and forums. Be helpful and positive, and you will attract the right type of customer. You should not forget about the image you are giving out and having a separate account for your business and your friends and family members.

Hitting the Right Tone

The language you use in your social media will help you attract the right type of client. You need to avoid using jargon and make sure that every contribution is valuable. If you have your own blog on your website, engage with your readers and ask for feedback, so you can figure out what they are most interested in. Make sure that your posts stand out for all the right reasons, and give people something to talk about or a reason to share your content.

There are plenty of reasons why you should focus on branding as much as you do on marketing. No matter if you are trying to get customers online or offline, you should always make sure that you are easy to recognise, notice, and engage with.

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