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The Story Of Content.

the story of content - copper milk

"Great content has been around forever. Since Gutenberg invented the printing press, there have been people that haven't had the time to read the bible."

The internet has become a junkyard of clutter, a din of marketing attempts that crash against the floor and a mass of white noise created by people that simply want to upload content for the sake of trying to please Google. So, in order for you stand out like the beacon of branded hope you deserve to be, you need content that does you justice. You need to tell a story so remarkable it isn't just worth listening to, it is saved in people browsing bookmarks and kept open on tabs for months to come.

Your employees are probably funny, interesting, slightly weird and irresistibly intriguing people, which begs the question: why is your content duller than the bath water of an eighteenth century working class family? That was rhetorical, by the way.

Anyway, without further ado, here is a short documentary that delves into the story of content marketing. Long live the king.


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